Humanist high schools shine

Isaac Newton students taking their science practical examination

Students of Isaac Newton and Mustard Seed Humanist high schools have done well in their Uganda Certificate in Education (O-level) examinations. Between a half and three-quarters of students gained the top two grade divisions and none failed outright.

2023 O-LEVEL EXAMINATION RESULTS, published February 2024

Grades(High) 1 234 (Low)FailStudents
Uganda – All schools18%24%23%31%4% 
Isaac Newton40%34%18%7%114
Mustard Seed21%32%47%130

Performance has improved for several reasons:

  • Qualified Teachers: As enrolment has grown in Humanist schools, they have been able to employ more qualified teachers and the first teachers employed by the schools have been given financial help to upgrade their qualifications.
  • Professional knowledge: UHST has paid for experienced examiners to run good-practice workshops in schools and at Humanist Schools Conferences. Teachers within the Humanist schools also work as a team to share professional knowledge within schools for the general good of all students.
  • Independent learning: Funds from UHST supporters have been used to buy books and computer-based non-fiction libraries, which give teachers and students access to good quality information to enhance learning both within and outside lessons.
  • Science experiments: UHST has provided funds to enable students to learn science by doing science experiments. Uganda has compulsory science practical examinations. Poor performance in these sets a limit on the overall grade that can be awarded.
  • Quality of students: Scholarships provided by UHST supporters have brought into the Humanist schools bright children, who have gained the top grade 1 in their Primary Leaving Examination, from families unable to afford school fees. This influx benefits scholarship holders and they, in turn, help to raise the educational level for other students in their class.