Uganda Humanist Schools Trust: Charity No 1128762

International Friendship Visits

visitorspeterFrom time to time, UHST supporters express an interest in visiting the schools. Working with the schools we identify a period, every couple of years, when the schools gear themselves up to welcoming visitors.

If you come along you will have an opportunity to lead or take part in activities with students. These might include short talks on topics of interest, discussions, debates, music, arts, drama and sports. There should also be an opportunity to discuss the work and needs of the schools with students and staff.

Participants must join the Friendship activities on the understanding that they are travelling independently. Neither Uganda Humanist Schools Trust nor the schools can accept any liability should anything go wrong. You must, therefore, have your own comprehensive travel insurance.

You can be reassured however, that we use a fully insured Uganda-registered safari company, Gorilla Tours,  to take care of our travel arrangements. As soon as you send us confirmation of your flight and insurance we will ask Gorilla Tours to include you in the party. Hotel and fuel costs are paid as we go along, but costs of vehicle hire and stays in the game lodges will need to be paid in advance.

It is a long way to go so many visitors combine their trip with a wildlife safari. One possibility is to share an escorted safari, of which numerous are offered by reputable travel organisations, including Gorilla Tours.  A 6-day safari costs around 1200-2000 US Dollars, depending where you go and the standard of accommodation you choose.  Hotel accommodation is around £20 per night, thofwvisitorsjuly2010ugh lodges in the game parks can cost $200 a night or more, but there are cheaper alternatives.

Participating in the Friendship Week activities will give you a good insight into rural schooling in Uganda and a feel for their development and funding needs. The students will benefit from having an opportunity to speak with first language English speakers.

International Friendship Visits were suspended in 2019 due to the Covid pandemic. We did not want to risk taking Corona Virus to vulnerable rural communities.