Uganda Humanist Schools Trust: Charity No 1128762

Uganda Humanist Schools Trust helps schools in Uganda working to offer liberal, humanist education to needy children. Founded by Ugandan Humanists and run as charities, the schools are inclusive and do not discriminate on grounds of religion, social or ethnic background. 

DONATE to support Humanist Education We would really appreciate: (a) General Donations to meet the most pressing needs of Humanist Schools in paying teachers, buying books and learning resources & maintaining high standards of education and welfare, (b) Scholarships to enable bright primary children from needy homes to study in Humanist high schools.

Download the new 2023 UHST Annual Progress Report.

and fund books for Humanist Primary Schools

Leaving a Bequest


Uganda Humanist Schools Trust was established in November 2008 as a charity to raise funds to support the efforts of Ugandan Humanists to foster secular education.

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UHST trustees cover all costs, including visits to Uganda, so every £1 donated goes to supporting the Humanist schools.

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Fostering a Reading Culture

UHST is a strong advocate of fostering a reading culture in schools. We are delighted that the Humanist schools share this passion. Schools do their best to help children to become proficient in the use of books and on-line information. They welcome help in acquiring up-to-date material to reinforce and supplement what their children learn from teachers. …

Girls love their Afripads

At the start of each school year, girls in the Humanist schools supported by UHST receive packs of Afripads. These are neatly designed reusable sanitary pads which are supplied each year with funds generously donated by members of the Ethical Society of St. Louis in the United States. Each pack is washable and lasts for …

A-level scholarships dilemma

Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (A-level) is the gateway to further and higher education. This year every Humanist school student in Uganda who entered for the exam achieved the minimum of two principal passes required by universities. However, only the following three top-performing students gained the cherished 15 points required for a government scholarship: Mike …