Uganda Humanist Schools Trust

Support from Groups

If you belong to a group and would like to discuss ways in which you might help the Humanist Schools in Uganda please contact: Steve Hurd Telephone: 01782 750338 Email: Please note our Charity Registration Number is 112876. We are very grateful to the following organisations that have already provided support for the Humanist Schools in Uganda through Uganda Humanist Schools Trust:


Belfast Humanists
Birmingham Humanists
British Humanist Association
Central London Humanists
Chiltern Humanists
Cornwall Humanists
Cotswold Humanists
Coventry & Warwick Humanists
Cumbria Humanists
Dorset Humanists
East Kent Humanists
East London Humanists
Essex Humanists
Foundation Beyond Belief
Freireligiöse Gemeinde Neustadt/Weinstrasse
Gay & Lesbian Humanist Association
Google, through Benevity
Greater Manchester Humanists
Havering Humanists
Humanist Aid Inc, Australia
Keele University School of Life Sciences
Lancashire Secular Humanists
Leicester Secular Society
Lewisham Humanist Group
Liverpool Humanists
Ludlow & Marches Humanists
Newcastle under Lyme College
Nigel Bruce Charitable Trust
North London Humanist Group
Oxford Humanists
Pink Triangle Trust
Rationalist Association / New Humanist
Rotary Club of Walsall
Rotary Club of West Worthing
Sheffield Humanists
Shropshire Humanists
South Cheshire and North Staffordshire Humanists
South East London Humanists
South West London Humanists
St. Louis Ethical Society
Stoke City Football Club
Watford Area Humanists
Welsh Marches Humanists
West Dorset Humanists
West Glamorgan Humanists
West Yorkshire Humanists
Humanist Aid