Uganda Humanist Schools Trust: Charity No 1128762

Katumba Parents’ Humanist Primary School Videos

School was Response to Strife

Juma explains how the new humanist school was born from a failed insurrection, led by a witchdoctor from the Congo. About 100 fathers from the school were killed in an attack on the Uganda army barracks. Hitherto, the community followed the moslem faith, but the deaths led many to question their faith and they were receptive to Humanist ideas presented by Juma.

Bringing Humanism

Juma explains his advocacy of Humanism to the whole community. He is well known for his Humanist principles from his appearances on local radio.

The First Katumba Primary School

Juma Siriwayo, the Director of Katumba Parents’ Humanist School, explains how the first Katumba school was built in 2010 from timber hewn from the surrounding forest. However, the site was subject to flooding in heavy rains. The water would flow down the hill and through the classrooms, so it was essential to rebuild on a new site.

Hopes for the Future

Juma outlines the school’s wish for help in acquiring a computer lab, a play park, play materials and a discovery centre, to promote enquiry-based learning.

Digital Education

Juma outlines the case for a computer lab. “The whole world is becoming digital” and students from nursery level need to be prepared for this so they can learn from the whole world.

Mutual Appreciation

Paul Ewans thanks Juma for his hard work and gives his best wishes for a bright future for Katumba School. Juma shows his appreciation for the financial support he has received for the construction of the new school.