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Uganda Humanist Schools Trust has set up a Human Studies Project with the Humanist Schools in Uganda. The aim is to create a resource bank of materials on important topics and to approach them in an empathetic humanist way. For primary children we have developed the concept of “Thoughtful Tales for Growing Minds“, and are writing a series of books that teachers and other adults can read to children to stimulate thinking, questions and discussion. We are fortunate to be working with an outstandingly talented illustrator, Helen Machin-Mayer and, given the universal themes explored in the books, they are being written for an international audience.

Download information leaflets on each book here:

Humfry Hippo Moves Home

Chimps of Kyambura

Growing up as a Tree in Africa: Can you imagine?

So, if you have children or grandchildren please place your order now.

The books are published by Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.
Proceeds will be used by the Trust to support the education of bright but needy children in humanist schools in Uganda.

Books can be purchased with a credit card from within the book store or by sending a cheque to our address below:
Uganda Humanist Schools Trust (UK)
Address: 31 Greenmeadows Road, Madeley, Crewe, CW3 9EY, UK
Info:  +44 (0) 7773 972601

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