Uganda Humanist Schools Trust: Charity No 1128762

Human Studies

UHST is working with Uganda Humanist Schools Association and the network of Humanist Schools in Uganda to develop an online Educational Resource Bank.

The website allows the schools to share a set of common resources for teaching Human Studies, by which we mean Humanist Values and Community and Global Issues from a Humanist perspective.

It is part of a programme to build a common ethos among the Humanist Schools.

The first materials to be posted are a version of the American Humanist Association’s “Ten Humanist Commitments” booklet of activities for young people. We have retained the basic structure of this document, while writing new activities that fit the context of Ugandan schools.

We hope that the website will be useful to Humanists and teachers around the world and hope to receive helpful feedback and suggestions of links to additional content from elsewhere.

You can access the new website by clicking the picture above or this link:

The website is a work in progress. The existing materials will be adapted in the light of the experience of using them with students and, over time, new resources will be added. We would like to hear from anyone who could help us by suggesting useful content.