Uganda Humanist Schools Trust: Charity No 1128762

Becoming a supporter

Making Donations and Bequests

The schools work hand-in-hand with their local communities, who have helped to clear land, make access roads, bricks and furniture from local materials and with building work. Those children who can afford to pay a small amount in school fees, but this represents a small proportion of each school’s running costs. Teachers and other staff are working for very little pay – but they are hoping that things will improve in future.

Longer-term outside assistance is crucial if the schools are to be able to: recruit orphans and students from families with little or no cash income, provide reasonable pay and conditions for teachers, raise the standards of education through the use of books and other learning resources and improve school buildings and infrastructure to create an effective learning environment.

The schools have come a long way in a short time but they are struggling to meet the high ideals they set for themselves.

By becoming a supporter you can help to ensure that the schools succeed and provide a model for the development of high quality secular-Humanist education elsewhere in Africa and worldwide.

Ways to donate:

  1. Untied cash donations allow us to direct money to meet the greatest need at the time. To donate now.
  2. Targeted fundraising for specific large items in excess of £1000. This might particularly appeal to groups. For further information click here…
  3. Scholarships for the schooling of needy children. We try to provide boarding for the most needy children. A full boarding scholarship costs £420 a year, but we welcome half scholarships costing £210. For more information click here…
  4. Making a bequest: You could help to secure a liberal-Humanist education for generations of children in Uganda by leaving money in your Will to help the schools. A new school building or a scholarship could be set up in your own name or that of a loved one. For details click here…