Katumba Parents Humanist School steps up a gear

Written by Juma Irumba Siriwayo, School Director

The children, teachers, parents and the entire community of Katumba are very excited and proud of our new school. As the first brick-built school and first significant investment in the area it lifts the spirits of everyone here.

We wish to thank UHST Supporters for making this happen.

Despite the problems of Covid, landslides, floods and high prices we have achieved a lot during the year.

  • The new school library is nearing completion. Once all the furniture has been installed, we will have a safe storage place for books and will transfer books from off-site storage, so that children can more easily access them.
  • The computer room has windows, doors, electrical cabling and has been plastered. It is now being painted before being fitted with furniture and a first computer linked to a data projector.
  • Lightning arrestors have been installed to prevent the school from lightning destruction. As the school is in a mountainous area, lightning is a serious threat during the long-rainy season.
  • Our first cooking stoves were badly built and broke apart of first firing. Fortunately, UHST supporters have paid for some decent new efficient cooking stoves with chimneys. This has greatly reduced our firewood consumption and costs.

We are now embarking on large scale tree planting on the extra land paid for by UHST. This should provide a sustainable source of future firewood. Our aim is to make Katumba School environmentally sustainable.

We are delighted that a former student has returned to us as school nurse, since completing her training. She loves working in the school and is very grateful for the mentoring support she has received from staff.

Immediate priorities for our school are:

  • to build a girls’ washroom and staff toilets;
  • to improve conditions for P6 and P7 children sleeping in the school, by providing decent metal framed beds, mosquito nets and eventually building proper sleeping; quarters so the classrooms can be released for teaching and learning
  • we need a solar electricity system to provide reliable lighting in the dormitories, since there is a continual problem of mains power cuts
  • and, of course, we need many more books and learning resources if our children are to become independent learners.

    Nursery children lining up for breakfast…
Nursery children line up for breakfast