Humanist Clubs Create a Sense of Community

Humanist Clubs give students in the Humanist Schools an opportunity to have fun while working for the common good. Recent reports from clubs at Kasese and Isaac Newton Humanist School give an indication of the activities that students undertake.

Below is a picture of members of Kasese Humanist Primary School’s Freethinkers Club and a picture link to a statement of their activities written by Geofrey Masereka, one of their leaders.

The group invites donations towards their activities. They would like £110 to enable them to buy a mobile megaphone speaker for use in group meetings and to address public gatherings where they convey the Humanist message in local villages and primary schools. They also need £80 to improve hand washing facilities in the Kasese Humanist Schools by providing water tanks and soap supplies at each of the toilet blocks in the 4 schools.

The many members of Isaac Newton Humanist Association are also working together to spread Humanism and improve daily life within the school and in the surrounding community. The group organise their activities to meet each of the Ten Humanist Commitments:

Students from Isaac Newton have worked for years to help widows and old people in the local villages by constructing screens to create private washing areas, drying racks for pots and pans, and hand washing stations. The picture shows the students at work and also standing proudly alongside the Humanist Association sign. Click here to read their Full Report written by Rafert Mumbere, the club President.

The club is seeking donations to help them carry out an ambitious programme of work, including:

  • Placing Ten Commitments signs around the school (£24)
  • Providing pens and paper to the poorest students (£48)
  • School cleaning to combat disease transmission (£24)
  • Planting trees for environment & climate change (£24)
  • Promoting Humanism through drama (£48)

If you would like to support the work of Humanist School Clubs you can send a specific donation from the link on our Donation Page with an email to to say that you would like the money to be used for Humanist Clubs. All money donated in this way will be shared across the Humanist Clubs.