2023 has been a good year

2023 has been a good year for UHST and for the Humanist Schools in Uganda. Teachers and children have enjoyed being back at school and there are high expectations of good examination results in January.

It was an important year for the wider Humanist Schools Movement in Uganda. Bringing the schools together for the 3rd Humanist Schools Conference was a truly uplifting event for everyone. The creation of the Organisation of Humanist Schools of Uganda and getting it officially recognised under Uganda law also marks a huge step forward.

As a charity we are pleased to be able to bring the Kasese Humanist Schools into our support network alongside Isaac Newton, Mustard Seed, Katumba and Kanungu schools.

Our 2023 UHST Annual Progress Report gives a full account where we stand as a charity at the end of 2023. 

We should like to thank our loyal supporters for the long-term commitment they have shown to the pioneering work of the Humanist Schools in Uganda, in the face of considerable challenges. Without your ongoing support the remarkable developments outlined in the 2023 Report would have been almost impossible. 

The schools’ two greatest challenges are to ensure that their teachers are paid regularly and to be able to keep in school those bright, needy children who struggle to pay fees. We could make life easier for the schools if we could attract more regular monthly donations. Links to make credit card donations through PayPal and to UK bank standing order forms can be found on our donation page.