Humanist schools’ Coalition

First Humanist Schools’ Conference of UHSA

Early in the days of the Humanist Schools movement in Uganda, back in 2009, when there were only three schools, they formed a voluntary association, which they called Uganda Humanist Schools Association. With help from UHST, the association created a website and ran the first two conferences for teachers in Humanist Schools in Uganda and had a very successful Humanist Ethos Project with additional support from Humanists International.

Over the years, the number of Humanist schools in Uganda has grown. We had representatives from 14 schools at the 3rd schools conference just concluded, but there are at least another 4 Humanist schools that we have heard about.

For the schools’ voices to be heard within the Ministry of Education and Sports, it has become necessary to formally register the schools’ organisation as an official body. The registration process is moving forward, but the registar rejected the UHSA name because it was too close to the Uganda Humanist Association (UHASSO). In fact, the first official at the registry, a Christian, refused to register an association containing the word “Humanist”. Fortunately, after appeal, the following name has been accepted: Coalition of Humanist Schools in Uganda (CHSA).

At the 3rd Schools’ Conference, held at Isaac Newton Schools, a steering committee was formed from among the school Directors and Headteachers present and a draft constitution was approved.

Meeting on the Constitution
Founding members of CHSA

Everyone is keen for the Coalition to play an important part in sharing good practice among the schools and in representing the schools to the wider public and the Ministry.