Delight at Girls’ Washrooms

Members of the Ethical Society of St Louis have extended their funding of Afripads (re-useable sanitary pads) to cover all girls that need them at 4 Humanist Schools, including Katumba. Across the schools they have transformed girls’ confidence and attendance at school and in class. However, the girls at Katumba School have found it difficult to find a private place to wash themselves and some girls still stay at home during their periods. Their request for a private place to wash and change has now been answered by North London Humanists, who have raised funds to construct a girls’ changing room and washing facilities with external drainage. The picture on the left shows the external view with water outlets. 

Waster outlet from washrooms
Viola Atuhame, Primary 6

The picture on the right shows a grateful user, Viola Atuhame in Primary 6. Viola explains that:

When we have periods, we really need the washrooms. Before we had them we had to go home to change. By the time we returned to school, classes would have started and we missed out on our studies.” 

The School’s Director, Juma Siriwayo, is delighted that North London Humanists have provided this assistance. He says: “We are happy that girls will not face these problems anymore. They will be able to focus on their studies without feeling anxiety. The provision of sanitary pads and washrooms are essential if we are to improve girls’ performance in school. Success in education is a fundamental human right for all.”