UHST 10th Anniversary £150,000 Building Appeal

This is the 10th Anniversary of Uganda Humanist Schools Trust existence.
We have just returned from a wonderful two weeks in Uganda visiting the Humanist Schools.
I attach reports on the two secondary schools, Isaac Newton and Mustard Seed School, which are both thriving.
Isaac Newton School Report
Mustard Seed School Report
Due to their growing reputation for good educational standards and high levels of student satisfaction and welfare, the schools are growing fast and either at, or very close to, their target sizes of 600 students. Existing infrastructure is good, though that built a few years ago is in need of repair and repainting.

We have worked out what each school needs to cater well for the needs of 600 student and are launching an appeal for a final few buildings, including:

  • two hostels where needy students can live and study in a safe environment
  • a multi-purpose hall for assemblies, music, dance, drama, dining and examination
  • two Library & Information Centres for independent resource-based learning
  • two labs for computer studies
We are preparing the ground for holding an International Humanist Education Conference in Uganda in the 3rd week of January, 2020. The conference will be an opportunity to showcase the achievement of the schools by bringing conference participants to spend some time at each of the schools. Some UHST supporters might wish to plan to visit Uganda to combine a visit to the schools with a wildlife safari. Uganda is becoming a popular tourist destination.
We really appreciate your ongoing support for the Humanist Schools in Uganda and we are delighted that the effort we have all made together is coming to fruition. We would really appreciate your help in this big push, coinciding with the 10th Anniversary of UHST, to finish off the schools so they can continue to provide high standards of education and welfare for all the students within them. There is a growing self-confidence in the schools and a real sense of pride in which we should all share.
We are currently preparing publicity fliers, which we will try to get out to as many people as possible and we welcome any ideas you, or any groups you belong to, may have to help us reach our target of £150,000. To set this in perspective, in 2017 we raised £125,000, including a substantial amount in scholarships.
I welcome your questions or suggestions.

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