Having tools for the job transforms school art work

Earlier in the year we reported that :

KidsHeartKids, a charity in the United States established by Mario Mouton, his wife and their 7 year old daughter Lylah, “had collected around $500 in quality drawing pencils, charcoals, pastels, and watercolor pencils for Isaac Newton High School’s Kateera, Masaka Campus.”

UHST has recently been sent pictures from the school which showcase the latent student talent released by the provision of good quality art materials. The school and students are delighted by the opportunity the Mouton Family have provided for them to work with really first class materials.

Art is just one area that needs to be developed in the Humanist Schools in Uganda. The schools need funds to support the whole range of co-curricular activities, in order to broaden the educational experience of their young people.