Mbute school site secured

The new Isaac Newton High School site on Mbute Hill, Mpigi has been secured by the construction of a perimeter fence.

Mbute fence 1Being a completely open site was causing problems for the school. Local hunters and farmers had been coming on to the site at weekends to take water from the rainwater collection tanks, leaving the tanks dry when students needed water to drink. The site was also vulnerable to theft. One attempt was made to steal one of the 5000 litre water tanks. Beehives that were being used in agriculture lessons to teach students the principles of apiary management were also taken at the very time when the hives were starting to produce their first honey.

Thanks to a generous donation from humanist supporters in the north-east of England the school has constructed a barbed wire fence. When the rains arrive hedging shrubs will be planted and individual trees planted to provide shade and fruit on the site.