Mbute Campus Rescue Plan Gathers Pace

IMG_0879The legal paperwork to transfer the ownership of Fair View School to Isaac Newton School has been completed and a bank account opened in the name of Isaac Newton High School – Mbute Campus. Soon the Land Registry will complete the transfer of the land titles.
Peter Kisirinya has worked hard to mobilise staff. Annet Kysakye, the former Headteacher, has been reappointed along with some of the other former teachers. Several Isaac Newton teachers are teaching on both school sites and three of the best A-level students from Isaac Newton are teaching lower school classes there before they go to university. Efforts have been made to attract back former students and recruit new ones. Peter is working with local leaders to harness the support of the local community. The parent-teacher association has been reformed and parents and guardians have been helping to improve footpaths to the site. A large public meeting has been held to present the new school to the community. Teachers, as well as students, have been given a new uniform. Families were shown around the newly finished library and scienceĀ lab and they heard of plans to develop the school.

IMG_0823The originalĀ cook has returned after suffering a stroke. She is delighted with the new kitchen which is nearing completion. It will have two efficient wood burning stoves which are externally vented and will allow her to cook in a smoke free atmosphere.

UHST has bought more books for the school and equipment and chemicals for the new science lab. We have also covered the shortfall in the staffing budget and ensured that all staff have been paid fully.


Toilets are the biggest current problem. The existing ones were built on the side of the hill and, due to land slippage, the boys toilets are breaking up. However, the good news is that International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) and the Norwegian Humanists (HAMU) are working together to fund new Blair-VIP toilet blocks for boys and girls. The work on these will begin within days.

Staff, students and parents are delighted that the school is showing such rapid improvement.