Humanist School from Space

Here is the latest Google Earth shot of Isaac Newton High School. To our knowledge, Isaac Newton High School, founded in 2005, is the first Humanist High School in the World. The school was built on a green field site and the picture shows the results of 16 years of development. The school has sufficient classrooms for 600 students in two parallel classes each year. It has 2 well-equipped science labs, a computer lab, a book room, kitchen, 2 girls and 2 boys dormitories, a kitchen, staff rooms and a Hall where the school can assemble for debates, music, dance and drama events. It also has land to the right where agriculture students practice their skills. For sports, the schools uses a playing field 20 minutes away in a nearby village. The greenness shows that the school is active in the Humanist Schools Tree Planting Project. Good quality buildings, a pleasant campus and refreshing breezes from Lake Victoria are making the school a popular conference venue for Ugandan-based NGOs (e.g. the Red Cross, UNESCO, a menstrual health initiative). In January the school will be hosting 50 representatives from over 12 Humanist Schools at the 3rd Humanist Schools Conference, which is being run by the Uganda Humanist Schools Association with support from UHST.