Blood Doning by Isaac Newton Students shows huge progress in beating HIV/AIDS

For the second year running Isaac Newton High School students are completely clear of HIV/AIDS. The National Blood Transfusion service came to the school and tested students giving blood to the national blood bank. This would not have been possible in the past as HIV was rife in the community. In fact a major reason why the Humanist School was set up in 2005 was to provide education to the many AIDS orphans in the area.When many other countries in Africa (notably South Africa) denied the problem of AIDS, the Uganda government instituted a clear national policy to combat the disease, based upon the ABC of Aids – Abstinence, Be faithful, and use Condoms.The National Blood Transfusion team are now regular visitors to the school. Many faith schools refuse to allow the Blood teams into their schools, due to irrational fears. In contrast, central to the aims of Humanist Schools is to encourage a rational approach to life’s challenges, including the utmost respect for science and modern medicine.