Uganda Humanist Schools: A Growing Movement

The first two Humanist Schools in the world were established in Uganda in 2005. A new Directory of Humanist Schools in Uganda reveals that the number of such schools has increased to 12, and more are being established.

All the schools were founded by Ugandans with Humanist values and a strong commitment to the needy communities they serve. Most schools are rural, some quite remote and a number in areas where many family members have died in the most tragic of circumstances.

All schools share the aim of offering a safe, caring and effective learning environment for children who have experienced poverty and insecurity. The Humanist Schools accept a duty of care to every student, who has the right to expect:

  • The highest standard of education, providing the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for success in the modern world.
  • A happy and purposeful schooling with abundant opportunities for personal development.
  • Teachers who strive hard to develop the capabilities of every student.
  • A safe, disciplined and caring environment, which is free from physical and verbal abuse.
  • Teachers and students who work together in mutual respect.

Furthermore, education in Humanist Schools encourages:

  • freedom of thought and expression;
  • rational enquiry, science and the need to support argument with evidence;
  • human rights, gender and racial equality, and the rights of individuals to choose their personal life stance;
  • high levels of achievement and social responsibility.

Uganda Humanist Schools Trust is organising an International Friendship Visit to some of these schools in August 2020. There will also be an opportunity to attend the 3rd Uganda Humanist Schools Conference at Isaac Newton High School. Places are limited but if you wish to support the schools in their endeavours, are fit and healthy and have the endurance to cope with challenging journeys then please contact for further information.