New cook house for Mbute Campus

Work has been completed on a much needed new cook house for the Mbute Campus (formerly Fair View School) of Isaac Newton High School.IMG_1099

The old makeshift and ramshackle wooden building has been demolished. The open fire with a single cooking pot supported on three stones has gone.

No longer will the cook need to breathe in fumes from cooking on an open fire, as in the picture. Research has revealed that open-fire cooking, especially in confined spaces, is responsible for lung infections in many cooks, mostly women, throughout Africa.

IMG_1086The new brick building has two rooms. There is a well ventilated room where the cooking takes place. This contains a state of the art, efficient and externally-vented wood-burning stove that can heat two pots at the same time. A similar stove at Mustard Seed School has reduced firewood consumption by over three-quarters.IMG_1107

The other room is a large rodent-proof store, where cassava flour, rice and other dry grains can be kept. Having dry storage will enable the school to buy staple carbohydrate grains at a time when they are plentiful and low priced.

The school cook is delighted with the new facility. It improves her working conditions and will make it easier to prepare dinners on time.